Smoked Old Fashioned at Sip in Huntsville, AL

On Friday Sept 14, 2018 Brittani and I visited SIP in Huntsville, AL.  It is a high end cocktail bar and well worth checking out. Walking through the doors you are first hit with the upscale atmosphere.  The seating is luxurious with some areas giving a little privacy.  The bar is quite impressive with the […]

Absinthe tasting at LeNell’s

On Saturday Sept 18, 2018 Brittani and I attended an Absinthe tasting at LeNell’s Beverage Boutique.  It was guided by Theodore Breaux of Jade Liqueurs.  Absinthe is not the mind altering drug that you have been told about, it is an herbal digestif that you should try out. Absinthe was banned in the United States […]

Western’s Wine & Food Festival

On Friday 9/28/18 Brittani and I attended Western’s 29th Wine & Food Festival at the Birmingham Zoo.  It was pretty impressive.  I strongly recommend the event, but you will have to decide if the price is worth it. Western is a small grocery store chain in the Birmingham, AL area.  Their Mountain Brook location is […]

Drinks at Purveyor – Huntsville, AL

On Saturday 9/15/18 Brittani and I had pre-dinner drinks at Purveyor.  They have a great bar tender who is building a unique bar program.  Unfortunately, the prices are pretty high. I started off with a Fall Old Fashioned.  The crux of the drink is an ice sphere with star anise and orange peel frozen in.  […]

Drinks and dinner at The Bottle – Huntsville, AL

  On Friday 9/14/18, Brittani and I had drinks and dinner at The Bottle.  The food was OK, and the prices are high, but the drinks and bartender were great. Jeremy Concepcion is the lead bartender.  It is always nice to find someone that is very knowledgeable and experienced in this industry.  He runs the […]

Tour and tasting at Irons One Distillery – Huntsville, AL

On Friday 9/14/18, Brittani and I toured Irons One Distillery and had an in depth conversation with the founder.  It is a good product and I bought a bottle. Irons One is a small craft distiller inside Lowe Mill, a re-purposed textile mill.  The space is large but sliced into 150 spaces for artists.  This confirms what […]

Drinking at home

On Sunday 9/9/18, I had a couple of drams of whisky at home. I started with the Goldlys 12 year old Oloroso Finish (1st Release).  This whisky is a 900 bottle limited edition distilled in Belgium by the distiller Filliers.  They use two stills; one is a pot still and the other a column.  I […]

Tour and tasting at Ozan winery

  On Saturday 9/8/18, Brittani and I toured and tasted the products at Ozan winery.  It’s a good experience, but we will pass on their wine and whisky. We showed up at Ozan and ended up on a tour with 16 other people.  The guide was knowledgeable and fun.  The vineyard grows only Norton grapes because […]

Drinking at home

On Wednesday 9/5/18, Brittani and I had some Italian wine at home. Brittani prefers sparkling wine, followed by white wine, while I prefer red wine.  Yes, this makes it hard for us to drink wine together.  We had an unopened bottle of Mezzacorona Pinot Grigio Trentino DOC in the fridge left over from a prior […]

Date Night – Birmingham, AL

On Tuesday 9/4/18, Brittani and I went on a date night. We started off at Freddys Wine Bar on Highlands Ave.  Freddy’s is an upscale venue. It’s not your neighborhood dive bar. There were several groups of ladies sitting on the patio and just enjoying the weather and drinks together. It’s a perfect venue for […]