Drinks at Bettola – Birmingham, AL

On Saturday 8/25/18, Brittani and I went to Bettola for some food and drinks.  They have a great bar program and a charcuterie to die for.

Let me open by saying that Bettola has some phenomenal Italian food.  The bread is unique and amazing because it’s cooked in their wood oven.  And the pizza, and the chicken sandwich, and the pasta…all divine.  Brittani and I sat at the bar so that we could interact with the bartenders.  Mark and LeAnne took good care of us.

I opened with a glass of Four Roses Single Barrel.  It is a full bodied whisky with strong oaky and earlthy notes.  It finished with a brief, but sharp, note.  It was good and I would be happy to order it again.  It was served in a rocks glass and I regret not asking for a champagne flute.

Next up I ordered Elijah Craig Barrel Proof at 65.3% alc/vol.  Of course, I am a big fan of cask strength whiskies, so I did not add water.  I appreciate that a bar/restaurant actually has a cask strength offering.  This one was fruity, robust, and bold.  It did not have the harsh sharpness that the Four Roses expressed.  It ended with a long, slightly drying finish.  Two years ago I would have bought this bottle.  Today, my collection is large enough that my criteria for purchase is very high.  This bottle is right on the edge of me wanting to add it to the bunker.

We also had a taste of Espolon tequila.  It is a 6 year extra anejo.  Being so old I expected to get a mouth full of oak, but was surprised by strong notes of agave.  This is a really nice tequila.  I’ll be on the look out for a bottle.

Four Roses Single Barrel: $15
Elija Craig Barrel Proof: $15
Espolon: $44