Drinking at home

On Sunday 9/9/18, I had a couple of drams of whisky at home.

I started with the Goldlys 12 year old Oloroso Finish (1st Release).  This whisky is a 900 bottle limited edition distilled in Belgium by the distiller Filliers.  They use two stills; one is a pot still and the other a column.  I do not know the order nor the number of plates on the column.

A column still is a way to rapidly distill a product many times.  Each plate in the still will cause the distillate to recondense before undergoing a new distillation.  Each of these fractions will reduce the number of chemicals that makes its way out.  The end result of a column still is a narrow band of chemicals and flavors that are all centered around the boiling point of ethanol.  It tends to make flat tasting spirits.  A pot still, on the other hand, will only allow the distillate to condense one time at the every end.  It tends to create a robust flavor profile.

Anyhow, the Goldlys 12 is a bust.  The first thing to hit my nose was an offensive fuel odor.  The palate was much better, but I still classify it as bad.  There is a sweet sherry flavor that is doing combat with a full bodied grain whisky flavor.  The spirit is unbalanced, sharp, and just doesn’t taste very good.  Pass.

As for the Scotch:

Date: 9/9/18
Region: Speyside
Scotch: Benrinnes Batch 2 (That Boutique-y Whisky Company)
Content: 49.5
Look:  Brownish gold
Nose: Spice, sherry, grain
Body: Full
Palate: Creamy, molasses, oak
Finish: Rubber band
Thoughts: It’s just off
Rank (1-10): 4 (It’s drinkable and if someone buys it for me I’ll be polite and drink it)

Goldlys 12 year old Oloroso Finish 30ml: $5.25
Benrinnes Batch 2 30ml: $Unknown