Tour and tasting at Irons One Distillery – Huntsville, AL

On Friday 9/14/18, Brittani and I toured Irons One Distillery and had an in depth conversation with the founder.  It is a good product and I bought a bottle.

Irons One is a small craft distiller inside Lowe Mill, a re-purposed textile mill.  The space is large but sliced into 150 spaces for artists.  This confirms what we all knew: whisky is a work of art.  Jeff Irons opened the distillery about three years ago and, due to the aging process, is just now starting to release his product in mass.  He fills two 10 gallon barrels per week.

Their staple product is a traditional bourbon.  It tastes older than it is because of the small barrel size.  Due to the #3 char of the barrels, it has a nice caramel and vanilla flavor.  I was lucky enough to be able to also taste a #4 char product which has not yet been released.  As expected, the sweetness dropped significantly and was replaced by darker dryer notes.

I bought the last bottle that was available for the time being, and am hoping to grab a bottle of the higher char level when it comes out.  It’s a good product; check it out.

Bottle Price:
Irons One Bourbon: $45