Drinks and dinner at The Bottle – Huntsville, AL


Breakfast Old Fashioned made by Jeremy for me

photo taken from web

On Friday 9/14/18, Brittani and I had drinks and dinner at The Bottle.  The food was OK, and the prices are high, but the drinks and bartender were great.

Jeremy Concepcion is the lead bartender.  It is always nice to find someone that is very knowledgeable and experienced in this industry.  He runs the YouTube channel The Ethanol Review.  Check it out.

I started off with a Breakfast Old Fashioned.  It is served with a candied bacon garnish.  The drink was good but the garnish was great.  It would go very well on a brunch menu.  I am not a fan of either the Mimosa or the Bloody Mary, but I would pay for this drink.

I have never given much consideration to Straight Edge bourbon.  However, Jeremy was able to teach me a bit about it’s history.  It is relatively old for a bourbon, averaging about 6 years in a barrel.  Also, although the aged bourbon is sourced, it is shipped to Napa Valley and finished in cabernet barrels.  Yes, this is a bourbon produced by a wine maker.  Interesting.  I ordered a glass.  Immediately it started to build up a sharpness, but it stopped before going too far.  There is an intriguing flavor, but it’s just not quite there; it needs a little something more.  Jeremy offered up some dark chocolate and it paired nicely with the whisky.  Overall, it’s a pass for me.

As it turns out, The Splinter Group, who makes Straight Edge, also makes Slaughter House which is a 9 year American Whisky finished in Bordeaux barrels.  Seems like a good candidate for a follow up review.  I wonder how long it will take me to hunt down?

The filet was ordered medium and came out medium well.  Even ignoring that miss, it was OK at best.  Great vegetables.

Breakfast Old Fashioned: $14
Straight Edge: $17