Drinks at Purveyor – Huntsville, AL

On Saturday 9/15/18 Brittani and I had pre-dinner drinks at Purveyor.  They have a great bar tender who is building a unique bar program.  Unfortunately, the prices are pretty high.

I started off with a Fall Old Fashioned.  The crux of the drink is an ice sphere with star anise and orange peel frozen in.  The idea is that the flavor of the drink will change over time.  I didn’t experience that change, but I did appreciate the creativity and that the garnishes weren’t in the way of me sipping the drink.  As yo would expect from such a drink, there were notes of cinnamon, cardamon, and anise.  Give this to me right after Thanksgiving or on a cold night shortly before Christmas.


photo taken from web

My encore drink was Slaughter House whiskey.  It has a spicy flavor and is less sharp than the Straight Edge with a more robust flavor.  This is the superior of the two drinks.  The mash bill comes in corn heavy at 85%.  Once in a barrel, it sits for 9 years before being polished in an barrel that once held Bordeaux wine.

Brittani enjoyed a new fall drink that was fig and basil concoction. It was a bit experimental so we aren’t sure of the spirit. Brittani enjoyed this new flavor combo but thought the drink would be improved with a topper of prosecco or cava.

Fall Old Fashioned: $12
Slaughter House: $15