Smoked Old Fashioned at Sip in Huntsville, AL

On Friday Sept 14, 2018 Brittani and I visited SIP in Huntsville, AL.  It is a high end cocktail bar and well worth checking out.

Walking through the doors you are first hit with the upscale atmosphere.  The seating is luxurious with some areas giving a little privacy.  The bar is quite impressive with the sheer number of bottles, organization, and again, upscale decor.  The bartenders are well dressed and able to back up their quality appearance with an equally impressive skill set.  If you are on business, then take your client here.  Likewise with a nice date.

To test if the product matches the decor, I ordered a smoky old fashioned.  It begins with a brandy sniffer gathering smoke.  Once ready, the bartender quickly flipped the glass over and capped it with a drink coaster thereby trapping the smoke.  Next he slide a large ice cube in the glass and again capped it.  The cold of the ice allows the smoke to condense and infuse into the drink.  Very nice.  Next the drink was made and again, was quickly poured into the glass before recapping it.  This was then presented to me and I had control of the coaster to prevent any remaining smoke from escaping.  Due to the coaster, each sip retained the scent of the smoke.  Due to condensing on the ice, the smoke was also infused into the liquid.  It was an amazing presentation and has taken over my #1 spot for best smoky old fashioned.

I want to ding them for the price being so high, but during our entire Huntsville trip, every drink and every dish was pretty expensive.

Smokey Old Fashioned: $16