About Us

We’re a husband and wife team, Nick and Brittani, based in Birmingham, AL. For years we drank uninteresting things, with very little knowledge around the products we were imbibing in. After attending the local Sidewalk Film Festival in 2013, and watching a short film called “Hey, Bartender” we left the theatre and said, almost simultaneously, “Do you know what I am in the mood for? A cocktail!”. From there, our passion for cocktails and spirits grew.

We began traveling the world and learning about the agriculture, families and businesses that craft spirits and wine. We attended bartending competitions and quizzed bartenders. We’ve been on an unending quest to grow our knowledge and share it with friends. And, so, this blog was born. So many people have suggested that we share our travels and passion with others more broadly, and so we are.

Our dream is to tear down the snobbery around cocktails and nurture questions and learning. Ask. Learn, Grow. Enjoy. We hope to encourage consumers to consider the origin of their products and drink what they truly love. We hope you enjoy reading our blog as much as we love sharing it with you.