Drinking at home

On Sunday 9/2/18, I had drams of Hakushu Bourbon Barrel and Clynelish 1997 Oloroso Sherry Distillers Edition (Bottled in 2012).  Both were from Drinks by the Dram. In the early 1920’s, Masataka Taketsuru traveled to Scotland to learn about the craft of making whisky.  He brought that knowledge back to Japan and from there Japanese whisky […]

Guys Night – August 2018

On Wednesday 8/29/18, I hosted guys night at my place.  The theme was Mad Men. Some time ago I created a drinking club with some guys that I work with.  We meet once a month and there are parameters that are put on each meetup.  This month I declared a theme of Mad Men.  Amazingly, […]

Drinking at home

On Monday 8/27/18 I had a dram of Kentucky Owl Rye.  It was quite good and I would like to have a bottle. Kentucky owl rye: Surprisingly, this drink starts with a strong sweetness.  It is followed by earth and grain flavors.  Finally, the pepper that you expect from rye came into play.  Throughout the […]

Drinks at Bettola – Birmingham, AL

On Saturday 8/25/18, Brittani and I went to Bettola for some food and drinks.  They have a great bar program and a charcuterie to die for. Let me open by saying that Bettola has some phenomenal Italian food.  The bread is unique and amazing because it’s cooked in their wood oven.  And the pizza, and […]

Cognac Tasting – Birmingham, Al

On Saturday 8/25/18, Brittani and I participated in a cognac tasting at LeNell’s Beverage Boutique.  It was a new experience because we are less familiar with cognac compared to other spirits. Cognac is made in France by distilling grape juice in a pot still and aging it more than 2 years in oak barrels.  It can be […]

Drinking at home with a friend

On Thursday 8/23/18, I shared my Scotch “three pillars” bottles with a friend. Broadly speaking, scotch comes in three categories: baseline, sherried, and smoked.  With that in mind, I have always wanted to line up representative bottles of these three pillars and see what people think of them.  I promise you that there is a […]

Distillery 291 Rye – Drinking at home

On Tuesday 8/21/18, I had a dram of cask strength rye from Distillery 291.  It’s unlike anything you have ever had. Distillery 291 is a craft distillery in Colorado Springs, CO.  The founder was a photographer and used his copper photography plates in the construction of the still.  I like to say that they do […]

The Chapter Room – Atlanta, GA

On Saturday 8/18/18, Brittani and I ate and drank at The Chapter Room in Atlanta, GA.  Check them out. They sell themselves as a speakeasy type of place and have a hidden and locked door.  I appreciate the concept and the attempt to set the vibe, but it’s a complete miss.  By being secretive they […]

Independent Distilling – Altanta, GA

On Saturday 8/18/18, Brittani and I toured Independent Distilling in Atlanta, GA.  Unfortunately, they fell short on product quality and I cannot recommend them. Independent White Rum: This is the New Make of their Barrel Aged Rum.  Independent uses Grade A molasses, which is the finest quality available.  I appreciate that the objective of the […]