Guys Night – August 2018

On Wednesday 8/29/18, I hosted guys night at my place.  The theme was Mad Men. Some time ago I created a drinking club with some guys that I work with.  We meet once a month and there are parameters that are put on each meetup.  This month I declared a theme of Mad Men.  Amazingly, […]

Drinking at home

On Monday 8/27/18 I had a dram of Kentucky Owl Rye.  It was quite good and I would like to have a bottle. Kentucky owl rye: Surprisingly, this drink starts with a strong sweetness.  It is followed by earth and grain flavors.  Finally, the pepper that you expect from rye came into play.  Throughout the […]

Distillery 291 Rye – Drinking at home

On Tuesday 8/21/18, I had a dram of cask strength rye from Distillery 291.  It’s unlike anything you have ever had. Distillery 291 is a craft distillery in Colorado Springs, CO.  The founder was a photographer and used his copper photography plates in the construction of the still.  I like to say that they do […]

The Chapter Room – Atlanta, GA

On Saturday 8/18/18, Brittani and I ate and drank at The Chapter Room in Atlanta, GA.  Check them out. They sell themselves as a speakeasy type of place and have a hidden and locked door.  I appreciate the concept and the attempt to set the vibe, but it’s a complete miss.  By being secretive they […]